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Find Relief with FREE benefits & assistance programs. In most cases grant money never has to be paid back.

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Explore resources for individuals in financial hardship or struggling families to help you plan & invest in your future.

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With exclusive offers to help you successfully re-build & manage your finances.

Smart Finance

Resources4me can help you build a solid foundation of knowledge in money management and lead you to practice healthy spending and saving habits. Providing access to valuable content and curated resources, you'll have the opportunity to educate yourself on the basics of budgeting and make better day-to-day decisions to keep your finances in order and your goals on track.

Financial Resources

Discover programs that can assist with financial woes, debt, credit repair, loan qualification, and much more! Resources4me has the tools you need to put your financial problems behind you.

Plan For Your Future

When it comes to planning for your future, figuring out where to start is often the hardest part. Resources4me can help you pursue your passions and stay focused on what's valuable and important to you. Explore strategic ways to invest your money and properly prepare for the life you've always imagined. Take advantage of financial solutions that will help you build financial security to protect you and your loved ones for years to come.


Going back to school is challenging and exciting. Resources4me can help you navigate this process with confidence. Find schools based on your education preferences and career aspirations. Plus, eligible candidates may qualify to receive up to $6,195* in government grants to pursue their education goals. These extra funds can make a big difference in your future!

Manage Your Debt

If you’ve found yourself struggling financially and would like to work on eliminating your debt and finding financial stability, we’ve got the resources that can help. Discover programs that can assist with money woes such as credit repair, loan qualification, debt solutions and much more! Resources4me has the tools you need to put your financial problems behind you.

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